Introducing Sketch 48

Sketch 48 is already here and it brought some exciting new features with it. Here are the headline features in the latest release:

  • You can now view and export Sketch documents in two color profiles, sRGB and Display P3.
  • We’ve added Find and Replace Color to Sketch.
  • Documents can now be downloaded from Sketch Cloud.
  • Symbol instances can now be scaled, independently from the Symbol master.
  • Almost 50 other enhancements and bug fixes, including improvements to Symbol overrides and the way Sketch handles Library Symbols.

You can take a look at all of the improvements we’ve made in our full list of updates and don’t forget to update to the latest version.

If color management is new to you and you'd like some help getting your head around it we’re offering 15% Off Craig Hockenberry’s brilliant e-book “Making Sense of Color Management” — just use the code SKETCH at checkout.

Happy Holidays from Sketch

There are no more upcoming events to report this year as things are wrapping up before the holidays. From all of the team at Sketch, we hope you have a peaceful and relaxing holiday season and we’ll see you in 2018!